The Save the Cervix project is an informational website, developed by multimedia artists Lea Llave, and Janielle Sabio, that seeks to educate people about cervical cancer, the burden it brings to women in different aspects of their lives, and to emphasize the need for prevention, promoting methods such as HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening.  It provides general knowledge on cervical cancer such as its cause, statistics, symptoms, stages, prevention, and treatment. The website also has a list of health facilities where people can get screened or vaccinated. Aside from word content, it has 3 episodes of videos featuring stories of women who have or had cervical cancer. 

On the 30th of May, 2018, the project launching event Save the Cervix: The First Step, was held at the Grand Ballroom A, Palms Country Club, Alabang, Muntinlupa, with the goal of opening the website for public use, and tackling cervical cancer awareness and prevention.

The event was sponsored by the Cervical Cancer Prevention Network (CECAP), and had more than 60 attendees, including potential sponsors, doctors, cervical cancer patients, survivors, and their families and friends. It  was hosted by the proponents of the project themselves – Lea Llave, and Janielle Sabio, and had key speakers namely CECAP chairperson, Dr. Cecilia Llave; Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF) Director, Mr. Graeme Lade; and Cervical Cancer Survivor and prominent advocate, Mrs. Josephine De La Cruz.

Registration for the event started at 6pm, and attendees were encouraged to write their messages at the commitment booth managed by Dr. Stephanie Dimatatac. The program started with a doxology, followed by a “getting-to-know” portion headed by Dr. Martha Parocco. After was the Dinner accompanied with singing. When the program resumed, Dr. Llave took the stage to discuss the disease, CECAP’s advocacy and its efforts towards a cervical cancer-free Philippines. Consecutively, The Save the Cervix project was introduced to the crowd through a demo reel of the website, and the presentation of all 3 videos about a cervical cancer patient/survivors’ family life, work life, and social life. Doctor and cervical cancer patient/survivors interviewees involved in the project were acknowledged, and given a certificate, and a simple gift as a token of appreciation. In between, ACCF Director Graeme Lade, and cervical cancer survivor/advocate  Josephine De La Cruz, gave their speeches. The event concluded with the proponents expressing their gratitude towards those who made Save the Cervix and its launching possible.