Sentrong Aruga Para sa Kababaihan (SAK)

Sentrong Aruga Para sa Kababaihan (SAK), a premier model center, nationally recognized, trusted, and respected in reproductive health, with holistic quality services (diagnostic, treatment, and preventive services), pro-poor, health policy for all, especially for Muntinlupa women in need, empowering the community to be productive citizens and save women’s lives.

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I LIVE – An STC Support Group

I LIVE is a support group where cervical cancer survivors and carers come together to share, support, bond, and advocate that there is life in spite of cancer. The friendship among survivors started with spreading awareness on cervical cancer through the informative website and video thesis of De La Salle-College of St. Benilde students which goal is to promote early cervical cancer detection through screening, healthy lifestyle, and vaccination, and is now its own group supported by the Save the Cervix (STC) Advocacy and CECAP in collaboration with Jhpiego, affiliate of Johns Hopkins University.


  • To serve as a model for hope that cancer can be treated and prevented.
  • To assist women, their families, and communities through networking, collaborating on appropriate programs by partnering with like-minded governments, organizations, and individuals to achieve health outcomes that will uplift low-resource grassroots communities, and contribute in developing a stronger society.
  • To assist families and carers, teaching them how to support cancer patients physically and psychologically, adjust their lifestyle, and uplift their spirit with hope that there is cure for their loved ones; and providing them with support if ever they may face the eventuality of loss.
  • To assist organizations’ programs of prevention and education with information campaigns and diverse communications that will supply women (especially those in areas without access to health care) with the knowledge and attitude towards early cancer screening and detection, and healthy lifestyle for increased immunity to fight diseases.


  • Intelligence; The Proper knowledge on cervical cancer prevention and control in order to save women’s lives. This Know-how includes the ability to use that knowledge to protect oneself and prevent the disease to occur or progress.
  • Love; A deep feeling of endearment that makes you care for a person.
  • Integrity; The Sincerity in caring for the sick so that you win their trust.
  • Valor; The Courage in the face of sickness inspite of the disease, and ability to endure.
  • Empathy; The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.


  • First bonding Event
    November 18,2016 | Palms Country Club
    The group met together to get to know each other with the aim to share hope and joy with each other that they are well and alive.
  • Intimacy Lecture
    A lecture for cervical cancer survivors and their carers was done at the Cancer Institute of Asian Hospital and was attended by doctors, nurses, paramedics, and cancer survivors including those who came on the first bonding event.
  • I LIVE and Save the Cervix Project
    Several cervical cancer patients and survivors who are now members of I LIVE! helped in making The Save the Cervix (STC) project possible through taking part in research and interviews wherein they shared their cervical cancer story and how it affected their family life, social life, and career. They welcomed the STC proponents, Jang and Lea, in their homes and workplaces, to give a glimpse of their lives during and/or after cervical cancer.
  • ACCF Interview
    November 16, 2018 | Asian Hospital Medical Center
    The group collaborated with the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF) and came up with an information video with a question and answer portion that is intended to empower women with the knowledge in preventing cancer and disease and living a healthy life.